About Us

In first grade his teacher said "try to have him write more". I nodded but contemplated quietly when this would happen. Homework was already taking longer than the 15-20 minutes "it should". The reality was I needed a break on non-school days too and setting up extra writing (that was motivating to a 6 year old) wasn't happening. 

Outsource it! My parents live halfway across the country and seem to have time on their hands - at least more than my husband and me with two young kids. My 6 and 4 year old started writing very basic questions to their grandparents, usually asking about their dog or when we might see them next. 

LolliPost was created to keep the pen pal momentum going and make it easier on parents. While the stationery set is designed as a giftable kit for kids, it's really a gift for their parents. The letter tracker is an added motivator for kids to send all four of their letters - which helps remove some of the parent pleading and keeps the kids in the driver's seat. 

I hope we can help the young and young-at-heart in your family find writing rewarding! 

Kids dropping letter into mailbox