Granny Chic in Kindergarten?

Granny Chic in Kindergarten?

When did kindergarteners start having pink hair? Don’t get me wrong, colorful is cool. I was unaware, until dropping my sons off at their elementary school, this hair statement was happening to toddlers as well as teens. My kindergarten friends certainly didn’t have pink hair!

Nowadays parents think of themselves as "cool" and grandparents are playing the trendy card too.  Good Housekeeping’s research indicates 68% of today’s grandparents consider themselves “cooler” than their own grandparents. Gen X and Boomer grandparents often describe their grandparents as feeling ancient. Today’s grandparents are moving out of the rocking chair and getting down on the floor playing with their grandkids.

So have blue-haired ladies come full circle to blue-haired kindergarteners? Maybe. What a wonderful, colorful world!

Are there any style elements you borrow from your grandparents, or wish you could incorporate in your aesthetic? Martha Stewart says “grandmillennial style”, which mixes old-school aesthetics with modern flair, is not going away anytime soon.  


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