Tell the Graffiti Grannies to Act Their Age! 

Tell the Graffiti Grannies to Act Their Age! 

Are “women of a certain age” better behaved? Those who missed the chance to tag bridges with street graffiti as teenagers, shouldn’t worry. There’s still time– Grands in their late 90s can still breakout cans of spray paint with friends.  One such “gang” of graffiti grannies in Lisbon, Portugal ranges in age from mid-60s to late-90s. They’re called Lata65 (‘lata’ means ‘tin can’ in Portuguese).

Architect and curator Lara Seixo Rodrigues started this movement in 2012. Workshops teach the history of tagging, how to create stencils, and offer spray-painting techniques – the goal is to boost the older generation’s confidence and creativity, while changing the perception of graffiti.

Let’s start our own graffiti grannies gang! Who’s with me? Age requirement- never mind. Open to everyone!

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